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The concept you, Mark's Veg Blog, described of the word "burgeoning" as it relates to plants peeked my curiosity, especially since I am not only interested in the topic but also in words of Latin or French origin. In modern French there is the word "bourgeon" for a bud, but our English word might come from the old French word for bud spelled either "burjoin" or "borjon." Our word burgeoning brings to life and mind Burgeoning and Salad Photos- Mark's Blog the early developmental process of plants and flowers.  Nice way to think about that aspect of our gardens since it verbalizes a continuous process.

Then your Salad Photos were not only fresh and delicious looking, but seemed like a culmination of this bourgeoning process.  It is amazing  to think you have grown everything and can enjoy the fruits of your labor at the table and with photographs.  Thanks so much for sharing …

Plant Life: Experimental Crops

Plant Life: Experimental Crops Blog:

You explained that experimental crops are foodstuffs with the potential to be grown in a sustainable manner and produce large yields. To be involved in growing foodstuffs that may increase the diversity is an amazing prospect.  Each person who is adding to this effort makes an exciting contribution to the array of foods that may sustain humans on a grander scale. Interesting information you shared.  It is food for thought.  Susie Plant

Attributes Needed to Grow a Healthy Organic Garden

For many people organic gardening is an outlook on living inspired by nature's laws to grow fruits, vegetables and other plants naturally. It is much more than just avoiding the use of chemicals on your garden.  Following the organic gardening path is usually a personal choice embarked upon in light of much research done into the importance of diet as it relates to our health and longevity.

     Studies have shown that organically grown foods have higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals than those grown using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Organically grown foods are not only conducive to better health, but they also tend to avoid accidental exposure to chemical agents that are used in large-scale commercial farming. Such exposure is, unfortunately, too common in today's world.

Here are 10 key components and action steps that support a fundamental basis of organic gardening. Do you recommend others or have useful hints for implementing these?

1. W…