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The concept you, Mark's Veg Blog, described of the word "burgeoning" as it relates to plants peeked my curiosity, especially since I am not only interested in the topic but also in words of Latin or French origin. In modern French there is the word "bourgeon" for a bud, but our English word might come from the old French word for bud spelled either "burjoin" or "borjon." Our word burgeoning brings to life and mind Burgeoning and Salad Photos- Mark's Blog the early developmental process of plants and flowers.  Nice way to think about that aspect of our gardens since it verbalizes a continuous process.

Then your Salad Photos were not only fresh and delicious looking, but seemed like a culmination of this bourgeoning process.  It is amazing  to think you have grown everything and can enjoy the fruits of your labor at the table and with photographs.  Thanks so much for sharing and for being inspirational.

The photo of my favorite Tree Peony is past the burgeoning phase and lovely in all its splendor.

Susie Plant


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